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What is your favourite?

What would seem like a silly question, has a lot more meaning and significance than what might be read into at first.


Ever seen one of those movies where a boyfriend claims to know his girlfriend so well but the girlfriend responds with something like: “Ok, so what is my favourite color?” or “What is my favourite song?

Do these ‘favourite’ things we have, really define us at such a deep level? I think it does. If you think about it, someone who listens to rap music is rather different from someone who listens to metal or even classic.

It is our particular taste in things which translates into what we like and what we don’t. When you have a lot in common with someone else, you will also have the same choices in the things that you prefer over others. Like-minded people like the same kind of stuff, so yes, our choices in even the smallest things really tell a lot about us. If you know what someone’s favourite stuff is and what they prefer, you can already tell a lot about that person.

So if someone you know had to ask you, “What is my favourite drink?”, where would you go to get the answer to that question? Is there a place where you can keep a list of all your favourite things in life?

What is your favourite music, do you like dogs or cats, what kind of sports do you enjoy most?

If you do not have a list of all your favourite stuff on favyoulist, what are you waiting for? Load all of your favourite stuff and share the happiness with the people you care about so they know what you are all about.

We already have loads of lists with music, movies, tv shows, lifestyle choices, sports, foods, technology, games and much, much more for you to choose from. You can also create your own clever little lists and get other people to select their favourite stuff from it.

Let’s say it’s Christmas or your friend’s birthday is coming up, it would be really easy if there was a place to find out what the perfect gift would be to get them. But wait… just take a look at their favyoulist profile.


What if you wanted to take a girlfriend out on a date, what kind of food does she like, what does she like to drink, would she even like eating out at all or would she rather just go to the movies. Does she like camping, concerts or just hanging with friends. Favyoulist is the answer to all of this.

As we grow, you will see more and more web sites with a section on their page with stuff that will match your interests which you can choose from and build your profile as you go. Did I mention that when you choose your favourites, you can also see what your friends have chosen. Join the fun and excitement, all you need to do is jump aboard.

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