Integrate Google AdSense, facebook page plugin and disqus comments with your lists

Source: Integrate Google AdSense, facebook page plugin and disqus comments with your lists

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Integrate Google AdSense, facebook page plugin and disqus comments with your lists



Supplement your income by extending your publisher profile onto favyoulist. Element 6 on the standard layout (see the image below) can display your ad every time someone visit your lists or your profile pages

Enter your publisher id in your account settings to link your AdSense account

Please note that unfortunately ads are not displayed in the external website plugin as that would be a violation of AdSense policies



When you create a page on favyoulist, it is easy to display the facebook page plugin to users so they can easily find you on facebook or like your page. Every favyoulist page has its own setting enabling you to link mulitple pages

settingsBe sure to enter your full facebook page url when you create your page or look for the ‘Settings’ button on your page’s profile page to edit it 



Apart from inline option comments, we have also included the disqus platform as a general way for poeple to communicate which enables you to reach a larger audience and grow your network even further.

Your disqus identity is added in the same way you set your facebook page plugin

It is very important that you add favyoulist.com as a trusted domain under your disqus admin settings Read more…

Join now to unlock your first award and get 50 XP sign-up bonus to boost your profile! Once you’ve joined, we’ll tell you more…

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How to create a good list

Creating interactive lists on favyoulist is a fantastic way to socialize, drive traffic and provide entertaining content that can be shared across the internet.

But what separates a good list from a bad one?

First of all, when you create a list, you have to think in terms of your intended audience. Let’s use an example of sports cars. Which one of these lists are more personal and inviting to answer:

  1. “What is your favourite sports car brand?”
  2. “Which sports car would you rather drive?”

It should be obvious that option 2 directly involves the reader because they are actually ‘driving it’. Also, when we mention something like the word ‘brand’, it makes it feel corporate and something that belongs to the owner of the brand rather than the person driving it.

Always put the list in the perspective of the reader and make it personal.

The next factor is timing.

“My perfect Valentines gift” won’t grab a lot of attention in the middle of June. Try to keep your lists in line with current events, whatever area in life: news, politics, holidays, product launch and so forth…

A really good place to find ideas for lists to create is to go onto social media and see what is trending at the moment. Remember to include the hashtags when you post and share your lists. Also, use the google keyword tool to see what people are searching for and what kind of results you can expect with your own list keywords. Don’t forget youtube!

Favyoulist allows for up to 12 options on a list, but don’t feel obligated into using all of them. There are times when you really need all the options but short lists are often better. Don’t spoil your audience for choice.

Use good quality pictures for your list and options, keep option names short and elaborate more in the description of the option. Long option names don’t support your cause.

You do know that you can create a quiz?

A quiz is fun and when it is targeted at the right audience, will bring you a lot of attention. Don’t be tempted to create a quiz of which no one would ever get the answer right, when someone gets an answer right, there is a certain degree of reward and the participant will be more likely to share your quiz, for the social currency that it carries. Once again, keep your audience in mind, if your intended audience is into cricket, keep the list targeted at cricket topics. Current events in cricket would be the best.

Lastly, if you are integrating a list with your web page, keep the content of the list related to your article. I wouldn’t participate if I visit your web page about sea life, finding a list about cosmetics. There are many ways of targeting your lists, based on country, gender and age group. If you create a list of the most comfortable bra’s, target the list at females only.

We hope you enjoy creating and sharing your lists with your friends and family or with your blog followers. Keep in mind that you can earn revenue from your lists using your Google AdSense account.

If you don’t have a favyoulist profile yet, join us, and start creating those lists today.

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Earn money with your lists using Google AdSense

Now you can easily earn some extra cash or even supplement your income as a blogger or website owner with lists that you create on favyoulist.

Important: You don’t need your own website or blog to earn money with your lists!

Favyoulist is a fun and exciting way to engage with your website visitors and customers, but not only can you attract new visitors to your website through links from your lists and the favyoulist plugin network, you can now also add your Google AdSense publisher id to your account and earn revenue from your lists.

Every time someone opens your list on favyoulist.com, you will earn money, once you have updated your favyoulist account with your publisher id. If you don’t have a Google AdSense account yet, it is really easy to create one. Visit the Google AdSense website to create your account.

If you don’t have a favyoulist profile yet, join now, it is free and there is so much you can do once you have your own profile. Once you are logged in, open you account settings and enter your publisher id under the section: ‘Publisher ID your google adsense publisher id‘, and remember to click the ‘Save’ button. Your publisher id should look something along the line of ca-pub-3031123457100211

Now all you need to do is come up with a couple of fantastic ideas for new lists, remember, if your lists are boring and people are not interested, you will not get a lot of users sharing your list with their friends. Don’t forget to share your lists once you’ve created them otherwise it may take some time before you start getting visitors on them.

Read our article on how to create a good list for some ideas you can use to get up and running in no time at all.

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Next generation content sharing and delivery

Have you ever searched the internet for ideas on how to create attractive content that will interest your users?  If you are a web designer or a blogger I am pretty sure you have.

If you do a quick search, you will quickly find that creating lists of stuff is a prominent way of attracting people. This is not only true for web content, have you listened to a radio show recently. Discussing a list of things people hate or like or a recent survey maybe, is also a great way of entertaining the listeners and even getting them to participate

So, creating a list of the 5 best restaurants to eat at in your local area makes a great article for anyone looking for a place to eat next. What would even be greater is having your audience participate and voice their opinion on the best place between the 5 you have listed. This is where the idea of a poll comes from.

Now be honest and tell me you did not feel a little cringe when I mentioned the word poll. Yes, polls and surveys are just about exciting as having your teeth pulled.

But guess what …?

It doesn’t have to be like that. We have created a way of making these more fun and we have done an excellent job of transforming them into exciting content that everyone can benefit from.

It is true, there are widgets and plugins available to host your polls and surveys. But face it, that is really all they will ever be. Polls and surveys.

What makes favyoulist stand tall over the rest is the social aspect, content sharing and audience targeting.

Let’s take a look at how favyoulist works:

  1. You have a gardening website and create a list of the 5 most reliable lawnmowers on the market

In the article you explain the differences of these machines, compare the advantages and disadvantages and maybe list the technical specifications of each with a link to a place where they can be bought

  1. Next, you would go to favyoulist and create a list of the lawnmowers: “Which lawnmower would you rather have?”

You give a short description and add a link to your article within the list, you can add media to make the list more colorful and draw more attention to it. You specify a specific category and add keyword tags to the list so it can be targeted at people that would be interested in it

  1. Lastly you copy the list plugin script and paste it into your article

The plugin is an easy one line script and has numerous options to configure the content that will be displayed, this includes category and keyword targeting: ‘gardening’ and ‘lawnmowers’ in this instance

Now you are all set. Visitors who lands on your newly created article have good content to read, some visitors may already have some experience with the lawnmowers you listed and would like to participate and select the lawnmower they like most from the list you provided. Their choice of lawnmower is saved to their favyoulist profile, and they also have some ownership of the choice they have made. They may even share your article or the list so that other friends who would be interested may also participate in selecting their favourite lawnmower. If a friend lands on the favyoulist page with your list, you have a link which people can follow to your article to read more about these lawnmowers. On the favyoulist website, lists are displayed to users that match their profile, so if a user is into gardening and you targeted your list at that topic, they will see your list.

But that is only the beginning…

Once a specific user on your site is done selecting a favourite lawnmower, depending on how you configured your plugin, some of your other lists will be displayed, maybe targeting the same keywords. Once you’re all out of lists, lists from other people targeting the topic will be displayed. The same list will never be displayed to the same user once they are done with it. So the next time they visit your site, the plugin will show them new content. The same thing will be happening on other websites that have the plugin installed. If some website selling gardening equipment or have an article about lawnmowers have depleted their lists, or if they have no lists at all, your list will be displayed. This is now obviously linking back to your article, so you will get visitors who are interested in your content

This way we are all sharing content to the benefit of all, can life get any better?

Be sure to check out our article on exactly how favyoulist transform your web polls, surveys and voting systems into something fabulous

Why not join us, it’s free and we have so much to offer…

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Transform your web polls, surveys and voting systems into something fabulous

Even the very title sounds boring. How excited do you really get when you visit a website to find a little inconspicuous poll or survey attempting to grab your attention somewhere along the sidebar or some other place with just as much luck

The fact is that people will only jump at the chance to participate in a poll or survey, if they have something to complain about and they happen to be upset. Now, I could have written an article on the numerous ways of creating very effective polls and surveys but it’s already been done, it doesn’t work,and then you wouldn’t be reading this particular article right now.

You may have looked into some of the existing poll and survey applications out there, and don’t get me wrong, some of these platforms are quite fantastic, but they do not solve the root of the problem, they just allow you to create more boring and uninteresting content, but trust me you’ll be glad you found this article.

So, how do you actually transform your web polls, surveys and voting systems into something fabulous? Sounds impossible? Life has taught me that nothing is impossible

Let’s see why these polls and surveys are so boring and ineffective to start with.

  1. The actual topic being polled does not interest it’s audience

If you are into boats and you come across a poll with options about boats, you are much more likely to participate, than running into a poll about motorbikes.

  1. A poll does not belong to its audience

The sole owner of the data collected by the poll, belong to the creator or company. The audience give you their choice and have nothing to do with the poll anymore, their choice does not really belong to them.

  1. Your poll or survey has no social platform

Everyone participates in their own right and there is no interaction among the participants. No one has any idea who participated and what they chose

  1. You have a limited audience

Taking into account all of the previously mentioned obstacles, only a fraction of the people who do see the poll, is going to participate, demotivating even more people to participate in the first place, due to general lack of interest

  1. Your audience is getting nothing out of it

Unless you are paying people to participate, they are not getting anything in return for participating. Even paying people to vote, will never give you a true reflection of their true choice.

Overcome all these challenges, and you would literally transform the way polls and surveys are being done on the internet today!

Now for the good news…

You don’t have to solve any of these challenges, it’s already been done.

FavYouList is brand new platform that leverages on existing social networking infrastructure to socialize your polls, surveys, lists and any kind of options where people can make a choice and select their preferred values.

With FavYouList, every user has their own profile and when they participate on a list, their choices are  saved to their own ‘favourites’ profile. They can see if other friends have participated and what options were selected. When you create a list like a poll or a survey, you can target your audience demographically as well as using predefined categories and keyword tagging. By associating the options that users are selecting with their own profile, they feel a degree of ownership over their choices and it adds to their social currency as well.

But there’s more….

When you integrate FavYouList onto your site, it provides you with content (lists) when you don’t have any more lists available for a user to participate. So the next time the user visits your site but they have already completed your poll or survey, another one will become available from the network. Because many websites integrates with FavYouList, your lists will also be available to users on other sites, that has content related to your list keywords and category.

This means that your lists will become available on partner sites when their lists have been completed, and they need lists that has not been done by a particular user. This way you can increase your audience a hundred fold, while providing fresh and interesting content for your own audience.

Users get polls and surveys relevant to their interest, they get to participate and contribute towards the ongoing trends and they are able to see what other people are doing.

FavYouList is free to use for everyone, join the network and never do a boring survey again.

Why don’t you join us and see what all the fuss is about. You have so much to gain and nothing to loose.

We’ll see you there!

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What is your favourite?

What would seem like a silly question, has a lot more meaning and significance than what might be read into at first.


Ever seen one of those movies where a boyfriend claims to know his girlfriend so well but the girlfriend responds with something like: “Ok, so what is my favourite color?” or “What is my favourite song?

Do these ‘favourite’ things we have, really define us at such a deep level? I think it does. If you think about it, someone who listens to rap music is rather different from someone who listens to metal or even classic.

It is our particular taste in things which translates into what we like and what we don’t. When you have a lot in common with someone else, you will also have the same choices in the things that you prefer over others. Like-minded people like the same kind of stuff, so yes, our choices in even the smallest things really tell a lot about us. If you know what someone’s favourite stuff is and what they prefer, you can already tell a lot about that person.

So if someone you know had to ask you, “What is my favourite drink?”, where would you go to get the answer to that question? Is there a place where you can keep a list of all your favourite things in life?

What is your favourite music, do you like dogs or cats, what kind of sports do you enjoy most?

If you do not have a list of all your favourite stuff on favyoulist, what are you waiting for? Load all of your favourite stuff and share the happiness with the people you care about so they know what you are all about.

We already have loads of lists with music, movies, tv shows, lifestyle choices, sports, foods, technology, games and much, much more for you to choose from. You can also create your own clever little lists and get other people to select their favourite stuff from it.

Let’s say it’s Christmas or your friend’s birthday is coming up, it would be really easy if there was a place to find out what the perfect gift would be to get them. But wait… just take a look at their favyoulist profile.


What if you wanted to take a girlfriend out on a date, what kind of food does she like, what does she like to drink, would she even like eating out at all or would she rather just go to the movies. Does she like camping, concerts or just hanging with friends. Favyoulist is the answer to all of this.

As we grow, you will see more and more web sites with a section on their page with stuff that will match your interests which you can choose from and build your profile as you go. Did I mention that when you choose your favourites, you can also see what your friends have chosen. Join the fun and excitement, all you need to do is jump aboard.

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