Supplement your income by extending your publisher profile onto favyoulist. Element 6 on the standard layout (see the image below) can display your ad every time someone visit your lists or your profile pages

Enter your publisher id in your account settings to link your AdSense account

Please note that unfortunately ads are not displayed in the external website plugin as that would be a violation of AdSense policies



When you create a page on favyoulist, it is easy to display the facebook page plugin to users so they can easily find you on facebook or like your page. Every favyoulist page has its own setting enabling you to link mulitple pages

settingsBe sure to enter your full facebook page url when you create your page or look for the ‘Settings’ button on your page’s profile page to edit it 



Apart from inline option comments, we have also included the disqus platform as a general way for poeple to communicate which enables you to reach a larger audience and grow your network even further.

Your disqus identity is added in the same way you set your facebook page plugin

It is very important that you add as a trusted domain under your disqus admin settings Read more…

Join now to unlock your first award and get 50 XP sign-up bonus to boost your profile! Once you’ve joined, we’ll tell you more…


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