Creating interactive lists on favyoulist is a fantastic way to socialize, drive traffic and provide entertaining content that can be shared across the internet.

But what separates a good list from a bad one?

First of all, when you create a list, you have to think in terms of your intended audience. Let’s use an example of sports cars. Which one of these lists are more personal and inviting to answer:

  1. “What is your favourite sports car brand?”
  2. “Which sports car would you rather drive?”

It should be obvious that option 2 directly involves the reader because they are actually ‘driving it’. Also, when we mention something like the word ‘brand’, it makes it feel corporate and something that belongs to the owner of the brand rather than the person driving it.

Always put the list in the perspective of the reader and make it personal.

The next factor is timing.

“My perfect Valentines gift” won’t grab a lot of attention in the middle of June. Try to keep your lists in line with current events, whatever area in life: news, politics, holidays, product launch and so forth…

A really good place to find ideas for lists to create is to go onto social media and see what is trending at the moment. Remember to include the hashtags when you post and share your lists. Also, use the google keyword tool to see what people are searching for and what kind of results you can expect with your own list keywords. Don’t forget youtube!

Favyoulist allows for up to 12 options on a list, but don’t feel obligated into using all of them. There are times when you really need all the options but short lists are often better. Don’t spoil your audience for choice.

Use good quality pictures for your list and options, keep option names short and elaborate more in the description of the option. Long option names don’t support your cause.

You do know that you can create a quiz?

A quiz is fun and when it is targeted at the right audience, will bring you a lot of attention. Don’t be tempted to create a quiz of which no one would ever get the answer right, when someone gets an answer right, there is a certain degree of reward and the participant will be more likely to share your quiz, for the social currency that it carries. Once again, keep your audience in mind, if your intended audience is into cricket, keep the list targeted at cricket topics. Current events in cricket would be the best.

Lastly, if you are integrating a list with your web page, keep the content of the list related to your article. I wouldn’t participate if I visit your web page about sea life, finding a list about cosmetics. There are many ways of targeting your lists, based on country, gender and age group. If you create a list of the most comfortable bra’s, target the list at females only.

We hope you enjoy creating and sharing your lists with your friends and family or with your blog followers. Keep in mind that you can earn revenue from your lists using your Google AdSense account.

If you don’t have a favyoulist profile yet, join us, and start creating those lists today.


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