Even the very title sounds boring. How excited do you really get when you visit a website to find a little inconspicuous poll or survey attempting to grab your attention somewhere along the sidebar or some other place with just as much luck

The fact is that people will only jump at the chance to participate in a poll or survey, if they have something to complain about and they happen to be upset. Now, I could have written an article on the numerous ways of creating very effective polls and surveys but it’s already been done, it doesn’t work,and then you wouldn’t be reading this particular article right now.

You may have looked into some of the existing poll and survey applications out there, and don’t get me wrong, some of these platforms are quite fantastic, but they do not solve the root of the problem, they just allow you to create more boring and uninteresting content, but trust me you’ll be glad you found this article.

So, how do you actually transform your web polls, surveys and voting systems into something fabulous? Sounds impossible? Life has taught me that nothing is impossible

Let’s see why these polls and surveys are so boring and ineffective to start with.

  1. The actual topic being polled does not interest it’s audience

If you are into boats and you come across a poll with options about boats, you are much more likely to participate, than running into a poll about motorbikes.

  1. A poll does not belong to its audience

The sole owner of the data collected by the poll, belong to the creator or company. The audience give you their choice and have nothing to do with the poll anymore, their choice does not really belong to them.

  1. Your poll or survey has no social platform

Everyone participates in their own right and there is no interaction among the participants. No one has any idea who participated and what they chose

  1. You have a limited audience

Taking into account all of the previously mentioned obstacles, only a fraction of the people who do see the poll, is going to participate, demotivating even more people to participate in the first place, due to general lack of interest

  1. Your audience is getting nothing out of it

Unless you are paying people to participate, they are not getting anything in return for participating. Even paying people to vote, will never give you a true reflection of their true choice.

Overcome all these challenges, and you would literally transform the way polls and surveys are being done on the internet today!

Now for the good news…

You don’t have to solve any of these challenges, it’s already been done.

FavYouList is brand new platform that leverages on existing social networking infrastructure to socialize your polls, surveys, lists and any kind of options where people can make a choice and select their preferred values.

With FavYouList, every user has their own profile and when they participate on a list, their choices are  saved to their own ‘favourites’ profile. They can see if other friends have participated and what options were selected. When you create a list like a poll or a survey, you can target your audience demographically as well as using predefined categories and keyword tagging. By associating the options that users are selecting with their own profile, they feel a degree of ownership over their choices and it adds to their social currency as well.

But there’s more….

When you integrate FavYouList onto your site, it provides you with content (lists) when you don’t have any more lists available for a user to participate. So the next time the user visits your site but they have already completed your poll or survey, another one will become available from the network. Because many websites integrates with FavYouList, your lists will also be available to users on other sites, that has content related to your list keywords and category.

This means that your lists will become available on partner sites when their lists have been completed, and they need lists that has not been done by a particular user. This way you can increase your audience a hundred fold, while providing fresh and interesting content for your own audience.

Users get polls and surveys relevant to their interest, they get to participate and contribute towards the ongoing trends and they are able to see what other people are doing.

FavYouList is free to use for everyone, join the network and never do a boring survey again.

Why don’t you join us and see what all the fuss is about. You have so much to gain and nothing to loose.

We’ll see you there!


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